Enabling air travel with oxygen in Europe

Inform the airline about your oxygen needs

Travelling with medical oxygen?

  • Send a Medical Form, signed by a physician, at least 3 days before travelling to the airline’s Medical Assistance or Costumer Service Team.
  • Give notice at least 48 hours prior the departure that you need to travel with on-board oxygen.
  • Brig a copy of the Medical Form of the Airline dully signed, together with your ticket, to the airport.

Medical Forms inform airlines about the special requirements necessary to accept passengers. In the case of on-board oxygen of on-board use of an oxygen concentrator, passengers are requested to present their medical clearance before flying.

Specify and book the equipment you need

While booking your flight, you can apply for special assistance to move about the airport. You need to request this service at least 48 hours prior to departure to your airline or travel agent, who will then pre-notify the airport of your request.

If you do not receive a confirmation from the airlines of the special assistance you need, contact your airline or travel agent to check with them if special assistance is available at the airport of departure and destination, and ask them to send you a confirmation of the special assistance you need. If special assistance is not available you may need to make alternative arrangements.

Avoid last-minute confusions

You need to provide correct and clear information about the portable medical equipment you will use during your flight.