Enabling air travel with oxygen in Europe

  1. Book your tickets at least two weeks prior to departure

  2. Check on the FAA website if your POC is approved by FAA

  3. Book special assistance for departure and arrival

  4. Specify the medical equipment you need or carry

  5. Download and fill in the airline’s Medical Forum

  6. Visit your physician to get the Medical Form signed

  7. Send your Medical Form to the airline at least 3 days before departure

  8. Get the airline approval to fly and bring a copy on your travel

  9. Get the airline special assistance confirmation and print it out

  10. Have the name and model of your medical equipment at hand

  11. Make sure you have enough batteries and a spare cannula at hand

  12. Bring nasal spray, to prevent dry nasal mucosa

  13. Carry this leaflet with you